body imaging

Fight Club. A classic David Fincher film based on Chuck Palahniuk’s same titled book. It’s a must watch. About a man who develops an alter persona and creating the life he wanted through fight club. Tyler Durden, the quintessential perfect man. In one scene, while both Tyler and the Narrator ride the bus, they see an ad of a male model. The Narrator exclaims that the ad portrays a false image of what a man should look like, but yet, Tyler is more than what that model could ever look like. Tyler looks like he wants to look, fucks like he wants to fuck, and acts like he wants to act. This perfectly developed concept becomes a reflection of ourselves and how we should recognize ourselves. But do we subconsciously consume what others think is natural? Yes. We see the ads, we see these unrealistic expectations, yet we subconsciously absorb it and attempt to translate it into our own mentalities. We are no longer aware of ourselves. We are no longer aware of what we see. Maybe it’s only the American way of life. Is it different in other countries? If it were, I don’t think such similar illnesses or diseases such as eating disorders would exist in other places. But maybe it can be translated into a cultural trend that’s moved its way across countries. The fault of Westernization? Perhaps. What do we do though? We cannot escape what we see. We are surrounding by what the social norms are.
How can we “find ourselves” when we simply do not and cannot exist?